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Welcome to the home for all cougar owners
Dont forget guys to log in to the live chat box from time to time , its the quickest way to get info on your car and make new friends while your there . Its at the very bottom of the forum index page , just log in and chat away .
If you want to make a direct link with any of your club mates simply go to your profile page at the top of the forum , click on the friends and foe's link and then start typing in your friends names and send a request to them . This will give you more options on making contact with people .
If you need any tips or advise on your car or smooth use of the club forum please contact any of the admin team and they will be more than happy to advise you
If you feel you have a suggestion to help improve the way the forum / club can be run or used please feel free to post your ideas . Either pm the admin or post in the suggestions section
Don't forget SCC is the only real FREE Cougar forum on the Web
Please note that the Brooklands club meet has been cancelled..... Please read relevant posts for more info.

jack and Ewan toot too much


 Club Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Club Rules and Guidelines   Club Rules and Guidelines Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2009 9:11 pm

Please read this as by making use of the forum you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agree to abide the rules of this club as laid out below.
Check back regularly, as we are updating/amending often, in an effort to keep the club as up to date as possible.

We are always keen to hear new ideas for enhancing and promoting the club and forum.

These should always be forwarded by PM to any member of the club administration for evaluation by the Club committee prior to any possible public announcement.

It is our intention that the forum be a place for fun, information, and lighthearted enjoyment; this should not however come at the cost of ignoring the rights and sensibilities of others.

Activity that is not permitted:

1. Possible slanderous/libellous claims.
If you experience a difficulty with a company, your first recourse is to that company itself, (give them the opportunity to settle the matter with you first).
If this is unsuccessful, and you are still of the opinion that you have a case, then contact the local Trading standards department to the business concerned. (Number available from the local council offices to the company involved).

Feel free at any time to inform the Club Management team of your situation, We will endeavour to help in any way we can, but under no circumstances make any angry/ flame, revenge posts on the forum, The Club is legally responsible for anything that is published on the pages of this Forum/Website, and it does not intend to face any lawsuits on behalf of any unsubstantiated threats or abuse to 'respectable' companies.

2.Threads or links on illegal cruising.
This Club wishes no affiliation or association with illegal cruises/cruising, or cruise sites.

3. FAO threads
We've got a perfectly good pm system for it, (These will be removed without warning or explanation)

4. Abuse through threads, private messages, or e-mails.
No posts/links of a sexist, sexual, lewd, explicit, gratuitous, or racist nature. No bullying or threatening behaviour, No diverting forum users / members to alternative websites unless they have specifically requested this information from you.

5. Signatures, Avatars, and Post Content
Using pornographic, or sexist pictures/ blasphemy/ or profanity in any avatar/ signatures, or post. Any such postings will be removed without warning or explanation. (What you may find acceptable, others may not, think before you post).
All parts of this forum should remain suitable for viewers of any age.

Signatures should be no larger than 400x 140px, and have no more than 3 lines of text below. Moderators will adjust or remove signatures that are deemed inappropriate without warning or explanation.

Avatars and Signatures should not be animated

6. Dating / Flirting
This is not a dating/flirting agency, any posts of this type, or that degenerate into this (or appear to be going to) will be closed immediately, and any subsequent posts of a similar nature will be removed without warning or explanation.

7. Using the forums(s) as a personal chat room.

8. Use of Back To The Top (BTTT) or Bump, etc
Post will be removed, entire topic will be deleted for repeat offenders

9. Misplacing of threads
Please endeavour to help us with this one; yes, you may get more views in the 'general' forum, but you may actually get the help you want faster by posting in the section where someone of experience may be browsing. Try the search facility first of all, as the answer you seek may already be waiting for you!

10. Advertising / linking in signatures
We have a links forum if you wish to advertise your forum, we have for sale forum if you wish to advertise what you have for sale and we have banner adverts if a company wishes to advertise - so there really is no need for extra text saying BUY THIS / GO HERE underneath your signature - this will be removed without warning or explanation.

11. "I raced a ........." "Was it you..." threads
Usually pointless and totally unnecessary. Will be removed from the general car chat forum, and placed where seen as most appropriate. Please do not clutter the forums with this 'boy racer' style banality and you won't be disappointed at its removal.

12. Pointless posting e.g. "nice car", "can't help" etc....
As above

13. Use of excessive swearing/ profanity.
This is a family forum, and all parts should remain suitable to viewers of all ages. Persistence will result in removal of posts/reprimand. This activity has become more prevalent of late and will no longer be accepted, again think what you post before you post it, and there should be no problems. There are NO swear filters in place anymore so if you swear in posts they will be removed or edited and abuse of this will lead to a ban or temporary action being taken.

REMEMBER. S C C Member/User Access to the club forums is a privilege granted by the S C C, it is not a RIGHT of being a subscribed club member and can, at the club's staff discretion, be revoked (wholly, or singly) at any time they deem to be appropriate for the benefit of the club.

Feel free at any time to inform the Club Management team of your situation and we will endeavour to help in any way we can, but under no circumstances make any angry/ flame, revenge posts on the forum.

Instead E-Mail or PM any of the club's admistrators or staff team, and your complaint will be investigated. If a post, your avatar, or signature have been edited, or removed and you do not know why, use the Ask The Staff feature or PM an active Admin or Moderator.
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PostSubject: Re: Club Rules and Guidelines   Club Rules and Guidelines Icon_minitimeFri Dec 13, 2013 2:11 pm


The SCC Admin Team have decided to set some small rules/guidelines for all sales on here

This is protect buyers as well as sellers as well as provide a trusted place for such transactions

Thanks Cool

1) Please include a photo of the actual item(s) with your advert.....
2) All discussions about the sale must be conducted on the Forum. This is for your protection in case of a dispute with the seller.
3) Post and Packing price must be either included or extra – please state
4) Adverts must be monitored by sellers regularly.

Advice - We strongly suggest you also follow these guidelines

1) Send items recorded/registered/signed-for delivery for your protection.

2) Ensure that both parties (buyer and seller) swap contact details (address / phone numbers), this can be done via private message.

3) If you pay using Paypal and choose the "Gift" method to save on fees, you will NOT be covered by the Paypal money protection scheme. If you do decide to trade via payPal gift, then do so at your own risk or with those you know/trust . It's worth paying the extra few % to keep each other content.

4) Cash transactions are best left to personal meet/exchanges of items

5) If you have an eBay ID to reassure any buyers/sellers, show it

Club Rules and Guidelines Pbucket
2001 Cougar2 V6 - gone....
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Club Rules and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Club Rules and Guidelines   Club Rules and Guidelines Icon_minitimeFri Dec 13, 2013 6:49 pm

Well done Allen  Thumbs 

Club Rules and Guidelines CarpFisherTONY-1-2-11-2
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PostSubject: Re: Club Rules and Guidelines   Club Rules and Guidelines Icon_minitime

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Club Rules and Guidelines
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